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Chart smarter. Spend more time on what matters.

With Avaros you’ll never have to worry about your EMR letting you down again.
Intuitive Charting
Chart more efficiently with our intuitive lay-out and enhanced charting tools
Prevention Dashboard
Track your treatment goals at a glance using our user-friendly Prevention Dashboard
Seamless Data Migration
When you’re ready to switch to Avaros, we’ll take care of the Data Migration at no added cost
Our comprehensive knowledgebase lets your learn about Avaros’ features at your own pace
Integrated Fax Inbox
No more wasted time downloading, scanning, and then re-uploading Faxes into your EMR. With Avaros, Faxes are organized in one place, and can be filed with a few clicks
One Low Price
At Avaros you’ll pay $199 per month for each full-time physician. Admin staff, learners, and part-time physicians get access to the system for free
Patient Billing
Our easy to use Billing and Reconciliation module allows you to easily claim OHIP or 3rd Party bills, and reconcile them when they are paid
Comprehensive Support
When you need us, we’ll be there. You can reach us by phone, support ticket, or screenshare

Meet Our Team

Natalie Lovesey MD, CCFP
Chief Medical Officer
Hiba Zahid
Head of Sales
Sami Fayoumi
Chief Technology Officer
Abdelrahmein Zeid
Senior Software Engineer
Yiliyaer Maimaitijiang
Senior Software Engineer

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Avaros gives you the tools to run your practice the way you want. No more busy signals, or unanswered calls. Avaros will be there when you need us.
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